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I did a quick look with CalTopo and it looks like Beacon Hill doesn’t quite work for the coordinates you gave.  Gold you are right on the edge on.  It appears as though you might be right on or over a ridge.  With a bit more accurate positioning I can get a better idea for sure on Gold.


On the plus side, you appear to be right in a patch that gets lit up by Capitol Park.  If someone closer to you doesn’t have some gear that you can test with, let me know.  I have a grid combo I can loan you for testing, but I’m clear up in Granite Falls.


If you can shoot me an address, tighter GPS, and/or a height at your location I can get a better picture for you and send you a couple of pics.




Rob Salsgiver – NR3O


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Hi, I'm just reading up on HamWAN and considering getting connected. I see I'm in a reddish zone surrounded by white on the coverage map now and am wondering if my property would be a good place for a new cell/link site.


I'll have to do some tests to see, but I might have line of sight to Gold Mountain, and might be able to see Beacon Hill from a roof. I'm at approximately 47.569,-122.399.


Let me know if you have any recommendations on how to proceed; I don't want to invest in gear unless I know I'll be able to make it work.







Andrew Musselman


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