[HamWAN PSDR] setting a Dynadish 5 as a dhcp client on wlan1 fails

Steve - WA7PTM psdr-list at aberle.net
Thu Feb 14 15:24:38 PST 2019

Thanks to Doug, we determined that dhcp on this unit needs to point to 
the "bridge" as opposed to the "wlan1" interface.  That change got the 
DynaDish connected last night, but there are still some DNS issues to be 
resolved before it is fully functional.

Hopefully, we will end up with an improved set of step-by-step instructions.


Doug Kingston wrote on 2/13/19 12:08 PM:
> I can take care of these updates.  I'll work with Steve.
> -Doug-
> On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 12:00 PM Steve - WA7PTM <psdr-list at aberle.net>
> wrote:
>> Is anyone maintaining the
>> https://www.hamwan.org/Standards/Network%20Engineering/Client%20Node%20Configuration.html
>> web page?
>> The reasons I ask are:
>> • Step 1 will not work as listed as the command is wrong (should be
>> "/system package update install" in RouterOS v6.43.12) and if some
>> preliminary steps are not taken (moving the default network to one
>> connected to the Internet with a "/ip address add address=a.b.c.d/xx
>> interface=ether1" command and establishing a default gateway with a "/ip
>> route add gateway a.b.c.gw" command), then the update will fail.
>> • Step 21 on a Dynadish5 results in a "failure: incompatible band and
>> channel-width" message unless "channel-width=5mhz" is added to the command.
>> • Step 22 on a Dynadish5 results in a "failure: can not run on slave
>> interface" message.
>> This last one has me stumped, and I have been unable to determine a
>> workaround.  Has anyone else encountered and solved this problem?
>> Thanks,
>> Steve
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