[HamWAN PSDR] setting a Dynadish 5 as a dhcp client on wlan1 fails

Steve - WA7PTM psdr-list at aberle.net
Wed Feb 13 12:00:00 PST 2019

Is anyone maintaining the 
web page?

The reasons I ask are:

• Step 1 will not work as listed as the command is wrong (should be 
"/system package update install" in RouterOS v6.43.12) and if some 
preliminary steps are not taken (moving the default network to one 
connected to the Internet with a "/ip address add address=a.b.c.d/xx 
interface=ether1" command and establishing a default gateway with a "/ip 
route add gateway a.b.c.gw" command), then the update will fail.

• Step 21 on a Dynadish5 results in a "failure: incompatible band and 
channel-width" message unless "channel-width=5mhz" is added to the command.

• Step 22 on a Dynadish5 results in a "failure: can not run on slave 
interface" message.

This last one has me stumped, and I have been unable to determine a 
workaround.  Has anyone else encountered and solved this problem?


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