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Frank, had a nice visit with Steve Aberle concerning bringing the HamWan to
Pacific County. Aperently you two go way back.

It appears if i understand it there has been some fieldwork done and he
said You and Him needed to talk. One off the wall comment he made was
Nicohli had produced good results( i think, lot going on but i picked his
brain a couple times, and actually got into his demo system snd ran some
testing to Larch Mountain.

There is a mailing list to join, sugested hardware lists and tons more on
thier web page. Scott K7DOD our of portland is slso helpful. They are going
to hook me up with thier VOIP person as that might be a good fit for my


On Fri, Feb 8, 2019, 12:12 Howard Auble <boxa at comcast.net wrote:

> February 8, 2019
> To HamWan
> Pacific County ARES/RACES would like to join the 21st Century with respect
> to emergency communications by participating in extending HamWan capability
> from the Puget Sound area and particularly Camp Murray.
> Holy Cross Mountain (46-41-43.14N/123-46-21.09W) is north across the
> Willapa
> River from the Emergency Operations Center in the Courthouse in South Bend,
> with an elevation of 1,300 feet.  Holy Cross also has county microwave
> links
> from the Courthouse to KO Peak, which is the tallest mountain in Pacific
> County at 2,900 feet. Both Holy Cross and KO Peak
> (46-27-39.96N/123-33-02.27W) have existing concrete shelters and tower
> space
> available, to which the local ARES Amateurs have access.
> The EOC has the normal amateur HF/VHF/UHF radio communications capability
> but the feeling is that HF modes should be a back-up to HamWan. We are
> quite
> aware that small rural counties have a more difficult time responding to
> emergencies. We are always looking at new and better ways to handle
> emergency communications.
> We will be relocating our EOC within the courthouse and moving our antennas
> in the near future. We wanted to be able to pull CAT5 (and/or whatever you
> recommend) at the same time we are relocating/replacing our RF cabling, if
> that is the best way to hook up to HamWan.
> We would like to explore the technical possibilities of having HamWan
> Sector
> Antennas on Holy Cross and possibly KO Peak.
> Please send us your recommended equipment list and vendor sources so we can
> begin to prepare cost estimates.
> Attached are elevation and map information.
> Sincerely,
> Frank Wolfe, NM7R, ARRL Western Washington Section Emergency Coordinator
>   Nm7r at yahoo.com
> Robert Cline, N7CVW, EC/RO Pacific County rcline496 at gmail.com
> Howard Auble, W7HGA, District 3 Emergency Coordinator  boxa at comcast.net
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