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PS.  My 2018 contribution (payroll deduction) shows as "in process", but
the 2017 stuff is done and dusted.  (pardon the poor quality cut/paste

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On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 12:36 PM, Nigel Vander Houwen <nigel at nigelvh.com>

> Good question Doug. Let me check with Cory who kindly put the list
> together for me.
> Nigel
> On Mar 26, 2018, at 12:34, Doug Kingston <dpk at randomnotes.org> wrote:
> Why am I not a voting member.  I have donated 240 dollars for 2 years in a
> row and seen to it that Google matched that.  I make one-time contributions
> rather then monthly deposits.
> -Doug-
> On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 12:05 PM, Nigel Vander Houwen <nigel at nigelvh.com>
> wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> It’s been a year since our current board members were elected, so it’s
>> time for new elections.
>> As a quick recap for folks that haven’t been around, or need a reminder:
>>    - Board member positions last for one year.
>>    - Any supporting member is eligible to vote for board members.
>>    - Any supporting member is eligible to run for a position on the
>>    board.
>>    - There is no limit on the number of board members, so if you want to
>>    run and participate, you’re not taking a spot away from anyone else.
>>       - There is a minimum number of 3 board members.
>>    - Supporting members are those who have contributed at the Basic
>>    level ($20/mo) (or more) for the last 6 months.
>>    - Voting is open for 7 days.
>>    - Each board member is a separate “election”, IE you don’t have to
>>    choose one person to vote for, you choose Yay or Nay for all individuals.
>>    - Please respond to the list with your votes, the list serves as our
>>    public record.
>> Here’s our current list of supporting members (the folks who are eligible
>> to vote on directors, or run for director themselves):
>>    - Terence Chan
>>    - Clifton Gurlen
>>    - Nigel Vander Houwen
>>    - Jim Hudspeth
>>    - Cory Johnson
>>    - Kenneth Koster
>>    - Bart Kus
>>    - Randy Neals
>>    - Kenny Richards
>>    - Robert Salsgiver
>>    - Mark Sheppard
>>    - Mike Shirley
>>    - Lynn Speed
>>    - Ryan Turner
>>    - David Yost
>> I’d also like to thank the following folks for their contributions, but
>> have not yet met the minimum requirements to be an official “Supporting
>> Member” according to our constitution:
>>    - Bob Edmiston
>>    - Carl Leon
>> I’d like to thank all of the above folks for supporting HamWAN and our
>> ability to purchase gear to expand the network and provide services to
>> users. We’ve been very fortunate in our ability to keep overhead low, so we
>> can put as much as possible into things that directly improve the network.
>> We’ve seen a lot of great progress over the past year, not to mention a
>> number of new users on the network, including a lot of interest from the
>> local ACS folks. Here’s a small sampling of some of the things accomplished
>> over the past year.
>>    - The new cell site at Beacon was brought online, and has enabled a
>>    number of users to connect.
>>    - Our “Open Peering Policy” project saw new users, as well as a
>>    feature improvement to allow dynamic IPs
>>    - The new site at Baw Faw was brought online.
>>    - The Haystack site saw significant restructuring of the power system
>>    to avoid the outages we had last winter. It’s been working great this
>>    winter!
>>    - Baldi has been improved with a large battery bank to keep it
>>    running during outages.
>>    - Our sister networks all over have seen great progress, Spokane,
>>    Tampa Bay, Interior BC and more.
>>    - Capitol Park saw the addition of a bit of battery backup capacity,
>>    and some better optimized antenna aim on one of the backhaul links.
>> We’ve also seen some damage over the winter, that we’re working to repair.
>>    - Gold has been intermittent due to what we suspect is a faulty PDU.
>>    We have a new PDU, and some batteries to give the site some backup power
>>    ready. I expect the trip up will be happening soon.
>>    - Sector 3 on Haystack which covers a lot of the populated areas died
>>    this winter. We’ve got a replacement on standby for when the snow clears
>>    enough for us to get up there to replace it.
>>    - Our sponsorship with a local datacenter provider at Tukwila ended
>>    this year. It was a nice setup where we could announce to the internet at
>>    large, and had RF links that provided extra redundancy to Baldi and East
>>    Tiger. We thank them for their donated services over the last three years,
>>    and we’ll be working to find replacements soon to add back that redundancy.
>> All of these things and more have been the results of massive efforts of
>> a whole lot of people this year. Thanks to every one of you for making this
>> happen. Whether your contribution was in time onsite tightening bolts, or
>> with a few dollars that helps us buy new modems and dishes, it’s all been
>> valued. Thank you.
>> So, to the final point. It’s time to vote again on the board directors.
>> For the past year Bart Kus, Cory Johnson, Ryan Turner, and myself have
>> acted as the board for HamWAN. I have appreciated their work over the past
>> year, and if they choose, I hope to continue doing so this year.
>> Cory Johnson - Cory has graciously handled HamWAN’s financial and legal
>> filings and reports. I’m incredibly grateful for his efforts. Thank you
>> Cory!
>> Bart Kus - Bart continues to put enormous effort into the physical
>> aspects of the network, acquiring new sites, installing and maintaining
>> them, as well as some software projects, as well as acting as an
>> administrator for the Puget Sound network day to day. Thank you Bart!
>> Ryan Turner - Ryan heads our sister network in Memphis. Thank you Ryan!
>> Nigel Vander Houwen - (me) I handle much of our contract work, and record
>> keeping around technical aspects like LoAs, I serve as a day to day network
>> administrator, and have helped deploy and maintain some of the on-network
>> services, occasionally I manage to make a site visit to help out, and I
>> handle things like the email you’re reading now.
>> For anyone who wishes to run for the board, please send an email to the
>> mailing list announcing your intention to run (You’ll see mine momentarily
>> as an example). The voting period on your election will end 7 days after
>> your announcement. Duties are not time intensive, and mostly consist of
>> being available for occasional calls to approve expenses, and assisting
>> HamWAN in whichever ways your time and/or skills/knowledge allow.
>> Thank you all for reading this rather long email, and I hope to work with
>> you all here in this next year.
>> Nigel Vander Houwen
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