[HamWAN PSDR] South Seattle College on HamWAN Map

Randy Neals randy at neals.ca
Fri Feb 16 18:23:07 PST 2018

Howdy HamWAN,

About a week ago we repaired the client radios at South Seattle College ACS
There are now two of them. One connected to Beacon S3 and the other
connected to Capital Park S2.

The HamWAN monitoring system has't picked them up as yet, so dropping this
note to ask if someone might give Cacti and the map a nudge,

Capital Hill Client:
Beacon Client:

These operate under the W7ACS call, and *should* have the correct identity
and other network management settings.

As a second step, we also wish to configure redundant routing of the the
subnet at SSC via the router and these two client radios. I assume that to
mean that OSPF or other routing protocol would run on the router and
announced via the client radios to the network.

Thanks Much,
Randy, W3RWN
Seattle ACS COMT
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