[HamWAN PSDR] Portland antenna range help?

Steve - WA7PTM psdr-list at aberle.net
Mon Dec 31 04:00:00 PST 2018

Attached are two elevation plots.

• 47th and Hawthorne
The high ground blockage for this path is only 1/2 mile away (in the 
area of 54th and Belmont).

• 45th and Main (the "best case" direction)
This looks marginal based on ground terrain, and trees may be a problem 
getting a straight shot.

BawFaw Peak, at 73 miles with a sector antenna pointing away from 
Portland isn't an option.


Ted Timmons wrote on 12/30/18 8:15 PM:
> er, forgot the heywhatsthat screenshot.
> On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 8:14 PM Ted Timmons <ted at perljam.net> wrote:
>> Thanks Ed and Steve- and Herb offlist. I have to use a protected
>> address for mail so that isn't my QTH. I'm within a few blocks of 4700
>> SE Hawthorne, which (on hamwan.org) shows as being on the fringe of
>> line-of-sight, hence the need for an onsite test. (see screenshot
>> below). I've also mapped it on heywhatsthat (thanks Ed!), which is
>> promising.
>> I just don't think we can know for sure without testing it.
>> Herb- elevation of BawFaw is listed on the Oregon page:
>> http://www.oregonhamwan.com/cell-site-hardware/
>> On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 7:23 PM Steve - WA7PTM <psdr-list at aberle.net> wrote:
>>> Is your station location somewhere other than on your license?
>>> Assuming you can get an antenna on the roof, the terrain looks like a
>>> straight shot (using CalTopo), but what it doesn't show are the heights
>>> of surrounding buildings.
>>> Steve
>>> Ted Timmons wrote on 12/30/18 5:22 PM:
>>>> Hey, is there anyone that is available to check reception at my house,
>>>> or is there a way I can do it with simple equipment? I'm at risk of
>>>> being in the shadow of Mt. Tabor.
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