[HamWAN PSDR] mantbox19s certification?

kd2iua.ham kd2iua.ham at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 15:50:40 PST 2018

Do you support mantbox19s routers and if so do they have to be the 
international versions initially? I'm looking in the next few months to 
roll out a test case to give hamwan some presence in upstate NY with 
some existing mantbox routers

I'm also wondering if you have ever considered using 3ghz for the p2p 
backbone links? You mention using part 15 unlicensed for the p2p but for 
part 97 purposes why not just utilize airfiber3x radios on 3.4-3.5?

Since the 3ghz band on 3.65 for wisps will be deactivated in 2020, it 
might open up a lot of used wisp gear that doesn't have a home except 
for limited ham applications. This might create a unique opportunity if 
the cost of the gear crashes as a result and can only be used for a ham.

Robert (kd2iua)

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