[HamWAN PSDR] College Students interested in Mesh Networking

Katz, Joshua jk369 at njit.edu
Sat Apr 22 08:40:24 PDT 2017


I'm a one of the board members for the K2MFF ARC which is a school
club at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. We are the owners of
the K2MFF repeater/tower/shack and currently have a stong member base.
I've always wanted to setup or use a mesh network. It's one of the
main reasons I got my ticket and became a HAM. I had put that aside
for some time to work on a few other things (college seems to take up
just a little bit of your free time) until I recently found a book in
our shack called High Speed Multimedia for Amateur Radio. This group
is mentioned within the book.

I was interested in knowing what kind of gear would be required to set
up a mesh-network base station on our tower that could start routing
traffic for other HAMs near us. We have access to some tall buildings,
backup power, and fast internet at NJIT. I'm assuming you need more
then just a weatherized WRT54G.

Thanks for your time,
- Joshua Katz

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