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Hi Kenny,My name is Tom, KD6TR .  I'm the VP of the Stanwood-Camano ARC.  Thank you for offering to present a program on such an interesting subject. Our club meetings are on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM local time.  We hold them at alternating locations every other month.  For this month the meeting will be at the Stanwood fire station located at the intersection of Pioneer Highway and 267th street on April 20, 2017.  In May, it will be at the Vista-Madrona Fire station, 237 N West Camano Dr on Camano Island.  That will be on May 18, 2017.  Succeeding meetings follow that same routine.Fred brought up the possibility of your presentation at our board meeting earlier this week so I'm glad to hear from you.  We would be delighted to have you present it at one of our meetings!  What date would be most suitable for you?  Please let Fred or myself know your thoughts on this.
73,  Tom Ryan, SCARCKD6TR at arrl.net

    On Saturday, April 8, 2017 12:46 PM, Kenny Richards <richark at gmail.com> wrote:

When is your meeting? I have a presentation on HamWAN that I have given several times in the last six months.

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On Apr 8, 2017, at 10:39 AM, Fred Laun via PSDR <psdr at hamwan.org> wrote:

We have some interested folks up here in the Stanwood/Camano area. Is there somebody who would be available to come to an SCARC meeting and talk about HamWAN?  N7KRN - Fred

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