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Lee Maisel w5lmm at w5lmm.us
Tue Sep 6 18:40:22 PDT 2016

Holy mackerel it's Raining up there!

On 9/5/2016 5:07 PM, Bart Kus wrote:
> Hello,
> We just released the new version of the HamWAN.org 
> <http://www.HamWAN.org/> website.  This represents a substantial 
> effort which had us start by creating a new content management system 
> with focus on ease of use and security, and then a translation process 
> of all the old content to the new system format.  Please let me know 
> if you find any problems.  I already know about the broken SVG issues 
> on the LAN Integration page, and that Capitol Peak links aren't 
> reporting their link status correctly on the map (it's due to this 
> RouterOS "feature" 
> <https://ciscodude.net/2015/01/19/mikrotik-snmp-oddity/>).
> We haven't addressed the need to re-arrange and edit much of the site 
> information in this transition.  This was mostly a technical migration 
> due to hackers exploiting our old website's code.
> If that's not exciting enough, we've also deployed our first HamWAN 
> Cam!  You can access it with IE or Safari or Firefox by going here:
> http://ptz.baldi.hamwan.net/
> The login and password are hamwan.  The streaming isn't perfect yet, 
> but it's good enough for folks to play with.  You can choose between 
> the "Main Stream" which is a 2Mbit 1080p 30fps feed, or the "Sub 
> Stream" which is a 160kbit 480p 10fps feed.  Click and hold the motion 
> controls to move the cam.
> And oh yeah, we also upgraded the microwave links to Baldi. They're 
> both MIMO now.
> --Bart
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