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Ed Morin edmorin.jr at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 10:53:18 PST 2016

As a side note, one of the issues in my discussion about network address
space allocation was whether we would really need a "/24" all to
ourselves.  That remains to be seen, but given the limitations of the space
considering the number of municipalities in the area -- and indeed beyond
for whom the "44-net" has been allocated -- a plan for the emcomm community
that allows for non-HamWAN "backup" is sorely needed.

I think it may be that the "/24" we were allocated may very well evolve
into a "sub-regional" network with its own backup.  For example, maybe our
"/24" eventually encompasses the Seattle Eastside communities and has both
a link to the larger HamWAN network as well as a "local" backup gateway to
the Internet for the sub-region.

Again, it's all about setting realistic expectations for what HamWAN is
and, equally important, what it isn't (yet anyway).
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