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Ed Morin edmorin.jr at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 10:44:15 PST 2016

After reading Nigel and Sam's responses, I can *TOTALLY* sympathize having
"been there and done that" myself.

At a minimum, I guess what is needed is to at least set appropriate (i.e.
realistic) expectations for emcomm (and other) organizations who are
contemplating hooking up to HamWAN for the expected benefit.  Quite
frankly, this is why from the outset that I requested a "/24" network.  I
perceived that HamWAN is pretty much what it is and that to deliver on the
reliability hopes and expectations that the inexperienced, non-technical
folks who were excited about HamWAN we would have to have non-HamWAN
redundancy built into anything we implement.  One of the realities I am
facing is that to get the $upport we need to buy equipment and implement a
broadband network -- sold on the benefits of capability *AND* reliability
-- I/we need to capitalize on their excitement and do our best to fulfill
the needs for which we are commissioned.
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