[HamWAN PSDR] Report from Mike and Key Electronics Show and Fleamarket

Ed Morin edmorin.jr at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 15:43:18 PST 2016

I replied to Dan who encouraged me to post to the list, so here I am.  :-)

I am part of the City of Redmond ARES group and we are working towards
implementing a HamWAN link to a city network we hope to put together.  We
were allocated a /24 network and our intentions are to (eventually)
multi-home for redundancy as well as provide AP's locally (for ham use).

Anyway, I was intrigued by two things Dan noted in his post which he
thought others on the list might have some ideas they could share.

1. The Redmond area -- particularly where our fire stations are -- is very
spotty in terms of coverage as it appears on the homepage coverage map.  We
would love it if somebody could help in determining what our "real" chances
are for getting HamWAN links at a few of our fire stations.  I have studied
the coverage map on the homepage, but I assume it's not "perfect" when
coverage is showing "spotty" (particularly in the Redmond area).  We're
looking to get an end-user "setup" to use for "surveying" with, but do not
have that yet since it would be out of our own pockets until we can
demonstrate a proof-of-concept to the city (after which we could likely get
reimbursed).  My present thinking is that fire stations 13 and 17 are
possible candidates although (if memory serves) there are two others that
may have a shot at it as well.  So, any ideas on how we could work to nail
that down would be great.  If somebody has a "portable" unit, maybe we
could just try it sometime to see if a signal is visible...

2. Putting a core node on Tiger Mt. might be potentially very helpful to
us.  A node on Cougar Mt. might be even more so; have any of you looked
into that possibility?  It appears to have better Eastside coverage than
Tiger and a better "view" of Redmond up the Sammamish valley.  This might
be attractive to the Microsoft / MicroHams crowd...

Again, any thoughts you have on this would be appreciated...



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