[HamWAN PSDR] Report from Mike and Key Electronics Show and Fleamarket

Daniel Ransom danra995 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 10:01:09 PST 2016

We had lots of interest for the HamWAN project at the Mike and Key Electronics Show and Fleamarket.  I had a grid dish on my table at the Puyallup hamfest this year.
I answered lots of questions and I distributed 40 fliers to interested hams.  Here are some of the comments:   
   - "How do you stay in line for Part 97?"
   - Upon seeing the MikroTik QRT-5:  "Wow, I didn't know it could be so easy, look so nice!"
   - "What kind of Ubiquiti equipment do I use?" (the MikroTik brand is not well known with hams in our region)
   - "Okay, line of sight, I am going to take a look this afternoon!"
   - "How much does it cost?  Where can I buy the equipment?"  (Flytec sells the QRT-5 cheap on Amazon)
   - "How do you guys fund this project?"   

Many were very excited to see and touch the three configurations that I showed:   
   - Integrated, flat-panel MIMO antenna/radio/modem
   - MIMO radio/modem with a dedicated panel antenna
   - Grid dish with single-channel radio/modem

A handful asked for path plots.  Tom, you should see some requests coming from people who join the mailing list in the next few days.  Some were curious about a north sector at Tiger Mountain.
Thanks for your help on the tri-fold brochures, Nigel.  These were a BIG hit at the hamfest.
73 from Dan at K7MM
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