[HamWAN PSDR] Kitsap County Gold Mountain HamWAN Attempts, Dish and Sector Antennas K7MM

Daniel Ransom danra995 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 17 18:07:17 PST 2016

Bart,Thanks for the advice on the QRT-5.  It looks very nice; I might upgrade to that.  With my vertically polarized sector antenna I found -77 dBm this afternoon, and when I rotated the antenna 90 degrees (now horizontal) my best was -88 dBm.  Again, this is a line-of-sight path at 5 feet above the ground (possible Fresnel-zone problem?).

Today I had good results with my  MikroTik Metal 5SHPn transceiver modem (reprogrammed with v6.32.3) and the sector antenna.  This time my connection attempt was mostly okay!  I could see network activity on tool > traceroute (see attached), and I could ping google.com, averaging around 80 ms (median about 40 ms).  However, I could not get an IP address from the network. Any ideas why?

So, next it's up into the trees behind my house (tomorrow).  Already I have a dacron rope there--placed with my trusty KR4LO Air Boss pneumatic line launcher.  Down the tree and into the hamshack it's 330 feet, so I'm right at the edge of the maximum cable run.  Definitely, I will be injecting 24 Vdc!
 73 from Dan at K7MM509 330 6398
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