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Mon Jan 11 19:25:41 PST 2016

Evening Everyone,

We’ve completed the call this evening, and as usual it was a rousing forum for the free exchange of ideas and opinions.

In attendance we had Rob, Ryan, Cory, and myself.

Cory was kind enough to provide us with a summary of our finances, which stand at $0 on the credit card, and approximately $2900 in the bank. We’d like to thank all the folks that donate to help us build new sites and pay for the necessary evils like insurance.

Topics discussed were as follows:
Mirrormont Decommission
Mirrormont has been a smaller site in HamWAN Puget Sound, that has been kindly sponsored by our friend Rod. As its functionality has been essentially supplanted since East Tiger came online, Rod asked if he could shut off the power at Mirrormont and stop that expense. We are extremely appreciative to Rod for the use of the site over the last period of time, and we’ll set up a plan when the weather gets a bit nicer to climb the tower and pull the single sector down.
HamWAN.org <http://hamwan.org/> Home Page
As the project has grown, sister networks have been started in various locations, and our main site has not kept up to date with these changes. I’ve asked Ryan to spend a little time if he can to work on a new face for hamwan.org <http://hamwan.org/>, which will showcase the organization’s goals, the various networks, and the idea with the interoperability standard.
We’ll link to the wiki from this home page, and the wiki will remain the working document as the networks/technologies grow and progress.
HamWAN Mailing Lists
Along the lines of our home page, our mailing list has not kept up with the growth of our sister networks, and having the main list be Puget Sound centric is somewhat exclusive. We’ve proposed to rename the list to hamwan at hamwan.org <mailto:hamwan at hamwan.org> to be inclusive of the sister networks, and we’ll maintain a psdr redirect so that the existing email address will continue to work.
We’d like to make sure that this list is inclusive for everyone, and strikes the right balance between having a separate list for every possible topic, and making sure that people that are interested in seeing what’s going on have easy access to it.
I’ll be working on making this change in the near future, and will provide another notice out when that is done.
IP Space
This has already come to fruition, but due to some projects, the Puget Sound network was looking to grab the adjacent subnet to ensure we had room for growth. Our local AMPR coordinator, John, suggested that we ask ARDC directly for a /16 of our own. This has gone through, and HamWAN Puget Sound now manages
We’ll be working to re-IP the network over time, and eventually release our existing subnet back to John when we’re finished re-IPing.
I’m working with our upstream peers presently to make sure we’re ready to put the new /16 subnet to use.

Thanks again to all that participated. We’ve got the next call on the calendar for April 4th, at 6PM Pacific. As usual, I’ll send out a reminder beforehand.

Nigel Vander Houwen

> On Jan 7, 2016, at 10:03, Nigel Vander Houwen <nigel at nigelvh.com> wrote:
> Alright All,
> I've spoken with my fellow board members, and we'll hold the call this
> upcoming Monday the 11th at 6PM. Same time as previously stated. Other
> call details will remain the same as well.
> Thanks for your patience.
> Nigel
>> Hello All,
>> I apologize for the late notice here, but the board has chosen to
>> reschedule this call due to some other commitments. We’ll work out a new
>> date/time shortly, and I’ll send out an update when the new time is set.
>> Thanks for your flexibility.
>> Nigel
>>> On Dec 21, 2015, at 19:34, Nigel Vander Houwen <nigel at nigelvh.com <mailto:nigel at nigelvh.com>>
>>> wrote:
>>> Hello All,
>>> It’s time once again for our quarterly board conference call. It’s
>>> scheduled for 6PM (18:00) Pacific, Monday December 28th. We’ll be
>>> using our standard conference line at 1-206-805-8861.
>>> The board members will meet to discuss the current state and vote on any
>>> decisions necessary for the org. Members are welcome to dial in and
>>> listen, and I make a point of asking for general feedback on things
>>> being discussed before the board makes a decision.
>>> If anyone has things they would like to have brought up on the agenda,
>>> please reach out to me and I’ll be sure to include them.
>>> We’ve currently got on the list:
>>> Consider refactoring the hamwan.org <http://hamwan.org/> <http://hamwan.org/ <http://hamwan.org/>> web site to be
>>> more reflective of the HamWAN community. Puget Sound has been the
>>> founding/flagship network, but we have very successful sisters, and the
>>> main landing page should be inclusive of them.
>>> Consider a new mailing list for work on progressing the HamWAN standard.
>>> This is currently extremely informal, and is driven mostly on IRC.
>>> Consider transitioning the psdr at hamwan.org <mailto:psdr at hamwan.org> <mailto:psdr at hamwan.org <mailto:psdr at hamwan.org>>
>>> mailing list to something more general like hamwan at hamwan.org <mailto:hamwan at hamwan.org>
>>> <mailto:hamwan at hamwan.org <mailto:hamwan at hamwan.org>>. As with the first point, HamWAN is a
>>> standard, and we have a community of sister networks and there should be
>>> a general discussion place not specific to Puget Sound.
>>> We’ve had some technical projects come along that have put IP space
>>> back in our minds. We’ve had a suggestion to request a /16 for Puget
>>> Sound from ARDC, rather than a more incremental increase in our
>>> allocation. This would give us quite a bit of room to grow, and we would
>>> seem to have some support from our local coordinator. As Puget Sound is
>>> the hub for some of our more ambitious projects like the Open Peering
>>> Policy, we may be able to have some weight behind this request, but it
>>> is a large chunk, that will require large reasons.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Nigel
>>> President
>>> HamWAN
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