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Cory Johnson: Yay
Ryan Turner: Yay
Nigel Vander Houwen: YayAnd it is a good job that you are doing!73 from Dan (Ransom) at K7MM

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Hello All,

It’s that time of year again. The current set of directors’ appointments will be expiring in about a week, so it’s time to hold elections again. Any supporting member is eligible to vote, or if they so choose run for a position on the board. Each supporting member may cast one vote in each directorship election. The current list of supporting members is as follows:

Ryan Turner
Cory Johnson
Nigel Vander Houwen
Robert Salsgiver
Daniel Ransom
Bartlomiej Kus
Benjamin Krueger
Allen Johnson
Clifton Gurlen

I have spoken with my current fellow board members, and they have generously offered to run again and continue serving if elected, so we’ll also use this email to take care of the three current elections. Supporting members, please vote for each of the following. Please reply on the list with your votes.

Cory Johnson - Cory has graciously kept track of HamWAN’s financial and legal needs over his time with HamWAN, and I have greatly appreciated his help.

Ryan Turner - Ryan runs our Memphis sister network, and has been a driving force in outreach promoting HamWAN, and is also greatly appreciated.

Nigel Vander Houwen - I have served for the past year as President, worked with our providers, and am a network administrator helping with the day to day operations of the network.

As I am a supporting member, I will vote as follows:

Cory Johnson: Yay
Ryan Turner: Yay
Nigel Vander Houwen: Yay

Voting is open for Cory, Ryan, and myself for 7 days, after which the final result will be decided by the majority of votes cast.

If any of the above mentioned supporting members would like to participate on the board, please announce your intention on this list, and your 7 day voting period will end 7 days after your announcement. There are no limits on board members, and we have a minimum of three. Board members duties are not time intensive, and mostly consist of attending the quarterly board conference calls, voting as needed on expenses, and assisting HamWAN in whichever other ways your time and or skills/knowledge allow.

Thank you all, and I look forward to another great year with HamWAN.

Nigel Vander Houwen
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