[HamWAN PSDR] New Installation at K7MM: Router Board RB912 and Ubiquiti Panel Antenna AM-5G20-90

Daniel Ransom danra995 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 15 10:52:44 PST 2016

Tom,The narrow pattern on the Poynting grid antenna combined with the "wiggly" nature of the "kite" mountain in my trees would give me a lot of fading, especially when it is windy.  I'll be loaning one of my two grid antennas to members of my local club so that they can get on then HamWAN.  It's the "missionary" unit.Thanks for the great feedback!73 from Dan at K7MMPort Orchard509 330 6398

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On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 5:33 PM, Daniel Ransom via PSDR <psdr at hamwan.org> wrote:
> I installed the new MikroTik MIMO radio and Ubiquiti panel antenna in the
> tree mount at my backyard fence (where I have LOS to Gold Mountain).  My
> signal is 6 dBm better, with increased signal-to-noise ratio, over the
> QRT-5.  (The QRT-5 moves to the South Kitsap School District bus barn for
> Emcom use.)
> The panel antenna has a 2-degree downtilt for mounting on a high site.  So,
> for my low-site location I turned it upside down.  See photos.
> I have attached a Winbox capture.
> 73 from Dan at K7MM


This is great! I did not expect your sector antenna to have such favorable improvement over the QRT-5. I hope the QRT-5 performs well in its new home.
I am curious if a Poynting grid antenna could be aimed precisely enough from your tree mount to gain a few more dB.

Here's how the improvement looks on the graph (the gap is the time it took for me to point the monitoring at your new IP address):


By the way, since adding SNMP graphing for your node, your link status is now noted on the coverage map.https://hamwan.org/t/Coverage+Map


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