[HamWAN PSDR] Victoria, BC and Seattle EOC are online

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Wed Apr 27 09:59:23 PDT 2016


Last weekend we put Victoria, BC on HamWAN.  It's by far our longest 
link in the network, running 153km from Haystack.  We haven't yet 
optimized the link (read: aligned the Haystack dish, or increased 
bandwidth, tweaked timings) but it's capable of pushing 10Mbit as it 
is.  The Victoria group also has a couple sectors which will hopefully 
get deployed soon and extend HamWAN coverage into Port Angeles, Sequim, 
and The Islands.  They also have plans to interconnect with BCWARN 
locally there, so that'll be a very fun extension to the HamWAN network.

Yesterday we also put the Seattle EOC on HamWAN.  They have a strong 
link which has been tested to push 90Mbit up and 80Mbit down.  I'm 
looking forward to seeing some great emcomm exercises between Seattle 
EOC and Snohomish DEM in the near future!

I should also point out that these two new accomplishments were not 
funded by HamWAN.


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