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Mon Apr 18 19:38:22 PDT 2016

Thanks to all who joined in on the follow up call tonight. We discussed the previously proposed spending policy and approved it as written here:

> For repair or replacement of equipment owned by the organization, which costs in excess of $100, a director seeking to incur the expense on behalf of the organization shall announce the intent to the board mailing list. Upon receipt of an affirmative confirmation from any other director, the spending shall be approved under this spending policy.

I will also be adding this to the wiki page for future reference.

Thanks all!


> On Apr 4, 2016, at 19:40, Nigel Vander Houwen <nigel at nigelvh.com> wrote:
> Thanks all for participating on the board call tonight. I appreciate everyone’s time and input.
> We had (and please excuse me if I missed you on the list): Ryan, Rob, Allen, Tim, Michael, Bart, and myself.
> The first order of business was to approve the $130 expenditure on a new modem, as a replacement for a faulty modem at our Tukwila site, which was purchased from Bart. The modem was new in box, and $130 is in line with current retailers, and the vote was approved by Ryan and I, with Bart abstaining.
> The second topic of discussion, which has been the topic of some conversation on the mailing list already was with regards to how we deal with expenditures in the future. We currently have a standing approval from the board for our yearly expenditures, and the suggestion was to add policy, that allows for a director, with another director’s +1, to replace faulty equipment without the need for calling a full board vote.
> There are some points of question with regards to the specifics, which I will attempt to summarize:
> Do we need to constrain the faulty hardware replacement costs to a yearly limit? If the yearly limit is reached, a full board vote is needed. Or, do we consider that a director, with another director’s +1 is enough protection against excessive spending?
> Do we want to put the effort/process around our current standing approval for our yearly expenditures (domain names, insurance, etc), to make it into a full budget (expected income, expected expenditures, how many new sites can we afford?, etc)?
> As the topic of setting a spending policy allowing for directors, with another director’s +1 was not noted on the original meeting agenda, we have held off on making a vote with regards to that decision. These topics will be open for discussion for the next two weeks, and the board will hold another call on Monday April 18th at 6:30PM Pacific to make the vote on it.
> Thank you all again for your time and input!
> Nigel
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