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Tom Hayward tom at tomh.us
Mon Apr 4 13:53:41 PDT 2016

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 1:01 PM, David Giuliani <David at giuliani.org> wrote:

> Hi - I’m new to the PSDR, and could use some help getting my HamWAN
> connection going.  I installed a Poynting + Mikrotik Router Board system on
> my roof, and configured using the Wiki, no problems.  I’m getting strong
> signals between my QTH at north Mercer Island and the Capitol Park station:
> Connected to ess, CapitolPark-S2/AE7SJ
> nv2
> Signal: -68dBm
> SNR 51dB
> Tx: 16.2Mbps, 96% ccq, 16.2Mbps
> Rx: 16.2Mbps, 96% ccq, 16.2Mbps
> However, I get sporadic Internet performance, measured using Speedtest.net
> <http://speedtest.net>.  Here are a few readings this morning:
> *ping    down  up*
> 21ms   3.9      2.8
> 35ms   <0.1  stopped
> 77ms   0.27      0.46
> 42ms   2.0      0.1
> I did check my cabling between the radio and the computer by substitution
> - no change.
> Two things:
> 1.  Anybody have any suggestions? What data rate are others of you getting?
> 2.  Is there a place to go to get help on subjects like this?

Hi David,

Nice to see you have had some success with HamWAN! -68 dBm is a great
signal strength and I'm sure many others here envy your clear line-of-sight
to a HamWAN site.

I took a look at this and the slow hop between you and the Internet is
between our Capitol Park and Queen Anne sites. That link is sub-optimal
because it's connected off the sidelobe of a dish that is pointed at the
SnoDEM site. It's enough to work, but as you've found it's not the fastest.
There's nothing you can do about it.

The way I investigated this is by doing speed tests to each of the hops in
your path. You can find the path like this (from your modem):

/tool traceroute use-dns=yes

( is Google public DNS servers. It's likely to always be up. Feel
free to use any other target depending on the nature of your test.)

To run a speed test (this should work to all HamWAN routers--let me know if
it doesn't):

/tool bandwidth-test protocol=tcp CapitolPark-S2.hamwan.net

This will test speed between your modem and CapitolPark-S2.hamwan.net. You
can test the other direction by adding direction=transmit to the command.

This is a perfect forum to ask questions like this.

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