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Not sure I agree with you on the “Votes only need to be held for purchases that exceed the budget “ topic.  If I read the constitution correctly:


Director decisions or actions which:


·         impact HamWAN finances in excess of $100 USD

·         or contractually obligate HamWAN in any way

·         or are reasonably judged as significant

shall be announced to all public HamWAN mailing lists. Voting will be considered complete 24 hours after the mailing list announcement of the issue at hand. Decisions shall be rendered approved by a majority vote of the Directors who voted. Directors unfamiliar with the issue at hand are encouraged to abstain from voting. Non-Directors cannot cast votes, although they can communicate with Directors to influence their votes on issues.


I don’t see anywhere in the constitution that having a budget negates the need to have a vote on expenses over $100.  Let me know if I’m reading something incorrectly.  Even if that is how we are operating now with the $200 limits, technically that doesn’t agree with the constitution.


Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against making it easier to making the spending decisions easier - $100 is far too low for reasons already covered.  If we’re going to fix the problem we need to do it right.  As far as can tell, the constitution really needs to be amended in order to make this happen.



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We don't need to adjust the constitution to enable most spending decisions.  Votes only need to be held for purchases that exceed the budget.  Recommend some changes and we can vote on a new budget to replace our current one.


How about something like these examples?


Up to $1500/site may be spent on the equipment needed to erect a new full cell in the network.


Up to $350/year may be spent on lab or demonstration equipment.


Up to $500/year may be spent to replace faulty equipment, as needed.




Current HamWAN Annual Budget (Adopted 2015-02-24):


Up to $200/year may be spent on the liability insurance coverage we need to host our equipment at certain third-party owned sites.


Up to $200/year may be spent on internet hosting related expenses such as domain names, server hosting and certificates.


Up to $200/year may be spent on miscellaneous administrative fees, including PO box rental as well as other fees required to keep our non-profit filings up to date.


This budget replaces all existing ones and does not expire until a new one is approved.  As provided in the HamWAN constitution, a separate vote must be held for incurring any other expenses over $100.



On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 3:11 PM, Nigel Vander Houwen < <mailto:nigel at nigelvh.com> nigel at nigelvh.com> wrote:

> Hello All,


> I wanted to send out a reminder here with access details regarding the 

> quarterly board conference call we have coming up.


> The call will take place this upcoming Monday, April 4th at 6:30 PM 

> Pacific time. (The monday two days from now). The board members will 

> meet to discuss the current state and vote on any decisions necessary 

> for the org. Members are welcome to dial in and listen, and I make a 

> point of asking for general feedback on things being discussed before the board makes a decision.


> You can join the conference call at the org’s conference line at 

> 1-206-805-8861.


> If anyone has things they would like to have brought up on the agenda, 

> please reach out to me and I’ll be sure to include them.


> Currently, the agenda stands at:


> Voting to reimburse Bart for the modem HamWAN has acquired from him, 

> at at cost of $130 Discussion regarding adjusting the constitution to 

> allow for board members to make reasonable spending decisions without 

> needing to gather the board for a call, which are presently limited to 

> less than $100, not even covering the expense of a single modem or 

> antenna.



> Thanks,

> Nigel Vander Houwen


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