[HamWAN PSDR] SnoDEM (Paine) is well-connected again

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Fri Oct 16 00:23:43 PDT 2015

Hi All,

Nigel and I did a trip today to SnoDEM to re-align a couple of the 
dishes.  We've got nice strong signals now from East Tiger and Haystack 
going to SnoDEM.  After Saturday's Gold Mtn deploy we'll need to take 1 
more trip to align a SnoDEM dish to aim back @ Gold Mtn.  This should 
make SnoDEM triple redundant, which is great for an EOC.  Things got 
super sketchy there for a while, as multiple events coincided to wreak 
havoc on SnoDEM's connectivity:

1) Nigel moved and his uplink was disconnected as a result.
2) The CapitolPark-SnoDEM link faded into the useless signal range. We 
disabled it since it could hardly pass any packets.
3) A modem died @ Haystack which killed the SnoDEM feed from there.
4) My uplink to SnoDEM got tree-faded into uselessness and was disabled.

And that's how a quad-redundant site suddenly became a disconnected site!


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