[HamWAN PSDR] VOTE: New site @ East Tiger Mountain - phase 1

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Tue May 19 13:18:22 PDT 2015


I'm pleased to announce we have installed a working link to East Tiger 
Mountain @ 3000ft ASL (47.488198°, -121.946706°).

The uplink is coming from the Tukwila datacenter and is just using 
single-polarization hardware right now because it was on hand.  We 
should upgrade this link hardware to dual polarity, but I'd like to wait 
until the Ubiquity IsoBeam product hits the market before we do that.  
The present performance is acceptable at about 50Mbit average.  So this 
link upgrade is being skipped in the phase 1 spend here.

We have also recently replaced the Westin router with a virtualized 
router that offers far greater performance, so I was able to re-use the 
RB2011 hardware from the Westin to run ETiger.  This spend doesn't need 
to happen at this site.  Yay re-use!

I would like to try linking ETiger with the Snohomish DEM ("Paine") 
site.  Since the viability of this link is unknown, I think we should do 
a test using hardware on-hand.  If the test shows the signals are good, 
I'll roll the proper hardware request into a phase 2 spend.

We do need to get Sector 3 installed up there though.  It would be 
immediately useful, and would replace our Mirrormont site, which is only 
1500ft ASL, and has much slower connectivity.  Here are all the parts to 
make Sector 3 happen:

* 	*Price**
* 	*Qty**
* 	*Subtotal**
AM-5G19-120 sector antenna @ Streakwave
Streakwave Shipping
RF Element SBX-S-CC-2SMA shielding outdoor radio enclosure @ ISP Supplies
WaveGuard AM5G19 RF shield @ ISP Supplies
ISP Supplies Shipping
RB912UAG-5HPnD modem @ Baltic Networks
Baltic Networks Shipping
Mounting hardware @ local stores

I'm including 2 antenna mounts in the mounting hardware category. One 
for the sector, and one for the test link to SnoDEM.

We'll also need to find a special short-depth server to use @ ETiger.  
I've been doing some research on this but haven't found anything 
appropriate yet.  Let me know if you have something or know of something 
cheap that still provides remote KVM with virtual media support.  All 
the racks @ ETiger are two-post with very little depth available, so 
normal servers won't work.

Our present cash balance is about $340.  If you recall the last spend 
request (for the 900MHz test project), I was able to save some money by 
borrowing the expensive antenna hardware instead of buying it.  We only 
purchased the two 900MHz MikroTik modems, and we also have two Ubiquiti 
900MHz modems on loan so we can do true A/B testing.  This testing will 
likely use the Mirrormont site, although SnoDEM would be preferred.

Board, please vote on this spend request.  Mailing list members, feel 
free to comment before the board votes.



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