[HamWAN PSDR] VOTE: Ryan Turner running for Director on HamWAN

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Mon Mar 2 16:01:48 PST 2015

Woops, I forgot to vote.  :(  Yay for Ryan even though it doesn't count now.


On 03/02/2015 03:47 PM, Nigel Vander Houwen wrote:
> Saturday concluded the 7 day voting period on Ryan's director election.
> Thank you all for your votes, they are tallied as below:
> Ryan: Yay
> Nigel: Yay
> Cory: Yay
> The results are 3 to 0 in favor. The election is confirmed for Ryan's
> director position for one year.
> I'm looking forward to working with Ryan over the coming year as we have
> in the past to progress HamWAN. Thank you for your time and efforts Ryan.
> Nigel
>> Hello HamWAN PSDR group,
>> I'm the founder/president of HamWAN Memphis Metro, and an active member of
>> the HamWAN standards group at large. While I don't share the same network
>> and operations technical experience as some of the others, I do have some
>> skills with marketing, team-building, and strategy.
>> I would like the opportunity to serve on the HamWAN board to represent the
>> other regions that have deployed HamWAN. I'd like the chance to advocate
>> for and work on:
>>     - Developing the working-group standards for HamWAN
>>     - Promoting the project to the international community
>>     - Creating partnerships with sponsoring agencies, specifically in the
>>     form of grants
>>     - Forming new HamWAN networks in regions with interested sponsoring
>> hams
>>     and supporting populations/topographies
>> I am in Memphis, TN, so I will not be able to contribute to any of the
>> physical plant operations in Seattle. I also have little interest in
>> acting
>> as a network operator for the PSDR group, as I already have my hands full
>> with MemHamWAN and frequently ask for help from PSDR. I will provide some
>> different skills to the group, and I would appreciate your vote in favor
>> of
>> me for director of HamWAN.
>> I vote yay in favor of myself :) HamWAN PSDR members, please reply with
>> your votes!
>> Thanks,
>> --
>> Ryan Turner
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