[HamWAN PSDR] 902 MHz Band Plan? Hardware?

Ryan Elliott Turner ryan.e.t at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 10:34:24 PST 2014

Hey folks,

I'd love to get rolling on testing some 900 MHz gear here in Memphis. I've
got a few high-level questions about it, though, and I'd love to find out
what others have already settled.

Do we want to do sectors and multiple channels? UBNT sells a AM-9M13 that
looks pretty slick; 120 degrees, 2x2 mimo; spec sheet here:

Mikrotik sells a metal 9hpn that's 27 dBm @ 11Mbps to 24dBm @ 54 Mbps (500
mW transmitter), but that's single chain. From what I read, dual chain MIMO
mitigates about 3dBm of noise, which may be worthwhile. These devices don't
play nice between vendors, though, and I think the preferred dual chain 900
mhz device is the UBNT XR9. We'd lose TDMA by going with this but gain
another chain. Thoughts?

Apparently the ARRL band plan is pretty outdated and unrecognized (
http://www.aracc.org/33cm900mhz.pdf ). Around here, we have an organization
named SERA that has specified a 900 MHz band plan; it is available at the
following URL: http://www.sera.org/pdf-files/SERA%20902%20MHz%20FUP.pdf
So, here we've got

   - 922<=f<928
   - 910<=f<916 (it says ATV...)

And that's it. So, if we were to sectorize, we don't even have 3 channels
to use here.

Thoughts? Looks to me like omni, TDMA, and single 5 MHz channel (911-916?)
is the best way to go for this.

Ryan Turner
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