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You could do a tie-in with the ATV club.  That would be a interesting

Steve N0FPF

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> Occasionally I have been asked what HamWAN is useful for. Here's a good
> example from some guys running a similar 5 GHz network in Europe.
> Tom KD7LXL
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> Dr. Om's,
> We will be running a camserver on this weekend
> for the CQ.WW contest, with camera's in all the shacks of the ON7LR
> contest station http://www.on7lr.org/ in Lier Belgium
> The cam server is located at the contest station, where the shacks are
> connected with a mixture of network cabling and 5ghz wifi links. The
> contest station itself is linked via a 5ghz wifi link to another node
> in Antwerp, 20km away, which in turn is linked over 5ghz to the
> Antwerp Datacenter. Here we link to the fiberbackbone of a commercial
> ISP and have an ipip tunnel to HamNet in Germany for AMPR
> connectivity.
> We also announce this 44 subnet to the internet, so its possible to
> view these cams over the public internet, even if you are not
> connected to AMPRnet.
> I just wanted to share since this is the first time we are doing this
> over AMPRnet :)
> 73s
> Robbie
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