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Occasionally I have been asked what HamWAN is useful for. Here's a good
example from some guys running a similar 5 GHz network in Europe.

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Dr. Om's,

We will be running a camserver on this weekend
for the CQ.WW contest, with camera's in all the shacks of the ON7LR
contest station http://www.on7lr.org/ in Lier Belgium

The cam server is located at the contest station, where the shacks are
connected with a mixture of network cabling and 5ghz wifi links. The
contest station itself is linked via a 5ghz wifi link to another node
in Antwerp, 20km away, which in turn is linked over 5ghz to the
Antwerp Datacenter. Here we link to the fiberbackbone of a commercial
ISP and have an ipip tunnel to HamNet in Germany for AMPR

We also announce this 44 subnet to the internet, so its possible to
view these cams over the public internet, even if you are not
connected to AMPRnet.

I just wanted to share since this is the first time we are doing this
over AMPRnet :)

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