[HamWAN PSDR] Who has short clean LoS to Cougar?

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Wed Oct 16 13:47:22 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Is there anyone on list who lives close to Cougar and has a clean line 
of sight to it?  Issaquah highlands, Sammamish plateau, etc? I'm looking 
for a volunteer to point some equipment @ Cougar towers from a nearby 
ground location.  We'll leave it installed for 2-4 weeks to run the 

Oh, and the experiment has to do with scatter communications, utilizing 
radio towers as reflectors.  You'll get a 30dBi dish and a 10W 6GHz 
amplifier for a whopping 10kW EIRP.  It'll send out beacons with your 
callsign, and we'll try to pick them up around the Puget Sound.

Fun times!

Let me know if you can help,


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