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Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Sun Oct 13 01:14:38 PDT 2013

The "undocumented configuration" is for any users of the Paine cell site 
attempting to use sector 1 (0 degrees, true north sector bearing).  SSID 
is HamWAN-0 there, not just HamWAN.  Feel free to expand your HamWAN 
scan-list with ssid=HamWAN-0 on frequency=5920, channel-width=5mhz, 

The signal levels Rob's referring to are measured in dBm.  Full 
throughput (about 10Mbit) stops below -71dBm, so the -46dBm is 25dB more 
than is needed.  A very healthy margin.


On 10/12/2013 9:37 PM, Rob Salsgiver wrote:
> Today one of the things going on in "HamWAN Land" today was a link 
> test from Providence Colby Hospital to the site at SnoCounty DEM at 
> Paine Field.  All initial propagation maps and other research 
> suggested that it should essentially be a "no brainer" install and 
> link, and the short version is that it was!  A big thanks to Dave 
> Williamson (WA7DGW) for coming along to help, and to Bart (AE7SJ) for 
> "tagging along" to look over our shoulders.  I'll leave any technical 
> corrections to Bart, but the layman's version follows:
> After resolving a couple obvious faux-pas on my part and correcting 
> one "undocumented configuration" issue due to a unique temporary 
> network setup issue at the Paine site, the modem came online 
> immediately after the config was tweaked.  A few minutes later and the 
> dish was peaked with a signal level of -46 to -47.  RF link throughput 
> testing netted us 9.6Mbit down and 10.4 up -- nice!  A few more clicks 
> and tweaks and we were looking at Google and Youtube videos on the 
> netbook.
> All in all, a VERY nice attempt with VERY good results.  We decided to 
> attempt a shot from Valley General hospital in Monroe, but what looked 
> like a workable ground-level path on Google Earth turned out to be 
> otherwise once we were onsite.  After a brief walk-around we agreed 
> that a roof-shot from the hospital would very likely succeed.  We will 
> work with getting access to the facility to confirm this in the coming 
> week or two.
> There's a lot more I could bore everyone with, but suffice it to say 
> it was a good day.  The next step is to setup a meeting to introduce 
> the administration at Providence to the capabilities of HamWAN and our 
> testing results.  There is potentially more but we will proceed one 
> step at a time.  Thanks to all who have worked so hard over the summer 
> and contributed to the build-out of the HamWAN core.  Your efforts 
> definitely showed today.
> Cheers,
> Rob Salsgiver -- NR3O
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