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Rob Salsgiver rob at nr3o.com
Sat Oct 12 21:37:54 PDT 2013

Today one of the things going on in "HamWAN Land" today was a link test from
Providence Colby Hospital to the site at SnoCounty DEM at Paine Field.  All
initial propagation maps and other research suggested that it should
essentially be a "no brainer" install and link, and the short version is
that it was!  A big thanks to Dave Williamson (WA7DGW) for coming along to
help, and to Bart (AE7SJ) for "tagging along" to look over our shoulders.
I'll leave any technical corrections to Bart, but the layman's version


After resolving a couple obvious faux-pas on my part and correcting one
"undocumented configuration" issue due to a unique temporary network setup
issue at the Paine site, the modem came online immediately after the config
was tweaked.  A few minutes later and the dish was peaked with a signal
level of -46 to -47.  RF link throughput testing netted us 9.6Mbit down and
10.4 up - nice!  A few more clicks and tweaks and we were looking at Google
and Youtube videos on the netbook.


All in all, a VERY nice attempt with VERY good results.  We decided to
attempt a shot from Valley General hospital in Monroe, but what looked like
a workable ground-level path on Google Earth turned out to be otherwise once
we were onsite.  After a brief walk-around we agreed that a roof-shot from
the hospital would very likely succeed.  We will work with getting access to
the facility to confirm this in the coming week or two.


There's a lot more I could bore everyone with, but suffice it to say it was
a good day.  The next step is to setup a meeting to introduce the
administration at Providence to the capabilities of HamWAN and our testing
results.  There is potentially more but we will proceed one step at a time.
Thanks to all who have worked so hard over the summer and contributed to the
build-out of the HamWAN core.  Your efforts definitely showed today.



Rob Salsgiver - NR3O

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