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Scott Honaker scotthon at pilchuckvet.com
Fri Oct 4 23:31:38 PDT 2013

Bring on the server.  I'll need to look at the wiring between our server
room and the HamWAN equipment but we can make it work.  I don't want that
noisy thing in my equipment room :-)

I'd like to create a portable system.  I'm thinking a radio, dish, tripod
and WAP.  Does anyone have a clever dish/tripod mount thing?   I'd like to
find something that makes it easy to point/aim.


Scott N7SS

On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 9:19 PM, Bart Kus <me at bartk.us> wrote:

>  OK, one thing is loud and clear.  We need mobile signal testing
> stations.  I will try to spread some extra gear out to anyone in the group
> who would like to provide a mobile signal survey service to potential
> users, and has the skills to operate the gear.
> We'll also try to get pre-configured modems going.  I'd like to sell these
> @ a slight premium to just the bare hardware, with the profit being a
> HamWAN donation.
> The applications will come with time.  We're presently working on getting
> the server infrastructure in place to run applications in the first place.
> BTW, Scott, can I co-locate a 1U server @ Paine?  I have it being setup
> here in my rack right now, but it'd be better to have it @ Paine.  It's an
> HP DL360 G5.
> --Bart
> On 10/3/2013 3:48 PM, Scott Honaker wrote:
>  I see three issues
> *1.  Coverage - Will it work for me?*
> That's coming along nicely but is far from universal.  Some demos at some
> events could really make a difference.  If we can hook a couple EOCs
> together, we'll really have something!  I can get introductions into most
> any EOC in the area, if we have the coverage to do a demo for them.
> Perhaps some loaner units (for a small donation) would be interesting.
> *2.  Ease of installation - How can I play?*
> The price point is fantastic - about the same price as a 2m mobile radio.
> The web site is very helpful but a bit overwhelming for a newbie.  More
> concise steps of what to buy and how to make it work would be helpful.
> Bart mentioned offering preconfigured radios.  I love that idea!  Plug it
> in, point the antenna and play.
> *3.  Applications - What can I do with it?*
> Rob hinted at this with the DRATS suggestion.  DRATS has a Telnet mode
> that supports chat, file transfer, email and forms - all the emcomm
> applications in a single package.  Showing someone another network to run
> Outlook over isn't particularly compelling.  What if Internet access is
> lost to your mail server?  Well then you can't run Outlook on any network.
> We need some native HAMWAN applications.  A "Ratflector" is an easy one,
> Chat, Video Conferencing, VoIP phone service, what else?  I have some
> server space at the Everett site with a 65KW UPS and 250KW generator.  We
> can make that stuff live on the network but need a champion for those
> services.
> Scott N7SS
> On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 1:10 PM, Tom Hayward <esarfl at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'll take a stab at a few of these points and defer the others...
>> On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 12:27 PM, Rob Salsgiver <rob at quailsoftltd.net>
>> wrote:
>> > 2)      End-users (individual):  We need to get more of our core online
>> and
>> > well versed in the system.  From those early users we need a few in each
>> > county or metro area that are willing to do site surveys and interact
>> with
>> > other potential end users to get them onboard.  We need to focus on our
>> > marketing, getting the message out (with success stories), and more
>> end-user
>> > demonstrations – not just the equipment, but from an application
>> standpoint.
>>  I'll come out and do a site survey anywhere in Pierce County.
>> I'll run a custom propagation model for anyone anywhere. This will
>> tell you how tall of a tower you need to get HamWAN. HamWAN covers
>> everything within 100 miles of a site if you have a tall enough tower
>> ;-)
>> > 3)      End-users (EMCOMM):  We need some served agencies online.  We
>> need
>> > advocates outside of the ham world.  Hospitals, Red Cross, Emergency
>> > Management offices, Salvation Army, maybe even a mobile station.  If we
>> have
>> > 3-4 hospitals, Red Cross chapters, or similar served agencies
>> successfully
>> > hooked up, we have a working demonstration platform to work from.  Even
>> > then, basic connectivity isn’t.  We need hams in these locations to
>> > demonstrate on an applications basis what can be done “when all else
>> fails”
>> > over HamWAN.  If we can convince 30-50 different served agencies to
>> shell
>> > out the cost of a single cell phone each month to support a dedicated
>> > Internet connection that is disaster-resilient, then you have up to
>> > $2500/month coming in to support the infrastructure.  Demonstrate
>> email, web
>> > access, and maybe even some specialized goodies targeted at them – use
>> > D-RATs for a tactical “chat” interface between locations – who knows?
>>  Maybe
>> > interface with other digital gateways or extend over other RF links
>> > (D-Star?).
>>  The Snohomish County EOC is online with HamWAN. I'd like to see other
>> EOCs come online, but we don't have contacts there. HamWAN could be
>> very useful for EOC-to-EOC communications (sending video, phone,
>> etc.).
>> If you have contacts in the EmComm world, talk to them! Or see if we
>> can schedule a presentation.
>> Heh, D-Rats is a patch to make D-Star useful. We can just show them
>> email, "Look, you can still use Outlook!" Service decoupled from
>> network: awesome.
>> I don't see Internet as the end goal of HamWAN. HamWAN can facilitate
>> communications between hams. EOC-to-EOC communication can take place
>> completely over the HamWAN RF network, until a hole opens up in the
>> earth and swallows one of our sites. Then we just route around the
>> outage with Internet; communication continues.
>> Tom KD7LXL
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