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Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the discussion.  My comment regarding D-Rats is more from an application standpoint than a program or (RF) technology one.  Email fits for a lot of things, but short quick texts in a tactical situation have their place as well.

I'm a part of the SnoCo ACS group at the EOC, so I'm definitely up to speed there.  Some time ago I posed the question about bringing our hospitals and Red Cross chapter online as users, but that was before we had the 3 sites up that we have now.  I can easily work through SnoCo DEM, the ARES folks, and the served agencies to put them online if everyone thinks we are ready for it.  Depending on lines of sight, we have good possibilities for Providence Medical Center in Everett, Valley General in Monroe, Everett Clinic in Everett, and the Red Cross chapter as openers.  We also have Stevens Hospital and Cascade in Arlington that might be secondary sites.  (Arlington isn't likely at this point of our core coverage though).

I have the equipment to put together a demo for any or all of those sites.  If we as a HamWAN family think we are ready for that, I'll start working on a demo setup I can take on the road and work with the SnoCo DEM and ACS guys on seeing what we can do.

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The Snohomish County EOC is online with HamWAN. I'd like to see other EOCs come online, but we don't have contacts there. HamWAN could be very useful for EOC-to-EOC communications (sending video, phone, etc.).

If you have contacts in the EmComm world, talk to them! Or see if we can schedule a presentation.

Heh, D-Rats is a patch to make D-Star useful. We can just show them email, "Look, you can still use Outlook!" Service decoupled from
network: awesome.

I don't see Internet as the end goal of HamWAN. HamWAN can facilitate communications between hams. EOC-to-EOC communication can take place completely over the HamWAN RF network, until a hole opens up in the earth and swallows one of our sites. Then we just route around the outage with Internet; communication continues.


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