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Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Thu Oct 3 10:21:57 PDT 2013


We've now deployed 3 cell sites in the Puget Sound which cover a ton of 
area with microwave network service.  A 4th one is being built, albeit 
more slowly than normal.  Anyone in the region can try to use the 
network free of charge for digital comms and internet access.

I've also done a couple talks recently in which I've asked for support 
so we may continue what we're doing and make it better over the upcoming 
year.  So with the spirit of keeping my feelings out of it as much as I 
can, here are some basic fundraising facts:

1) APRS Summer Gathering conference.  About 60 people in attendance.  
Conference + subjects focused on digital amateur networking.  Total 
donations raised in the week of Sept 7th-14th? *$0*

2) ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference.  About 150 people in 
attendance.  Conference clearly focused on digital amateur 
communications due to its very title.  Total donations raised as a 
result of the conference? *$20*  That's 13 cents per attendee.  Only 1 
guy donated $20 (thanks, guy!).

98% of our support to date has been from a handful of dedicated donors.  
These people cannot support the whole project.  We have about $3500 of 
debt, which now that it's October, has ceased to be interest-free.  The 
interest rate is NOT friendly now, either.

How can this lack of support from the ham community be corrected?


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