[HamWAN PSDR] Paine Field pre-deploy roll call

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Mon Jun 24 00:06:03 PDT 2013

I'm glad to report no one died or got hurt.  We didn't even drop 
anything!  So that's a success.

Also, managed to deploy the most important bits of the site before we 
ran out of time.  Got the 3 sectors up and a PtP dish to Capitol Hill.  
None of the stuff is configured though, and the corresponding dish @ Cap 
Hill needs to be adjusted.  It's pointing in a very wrong direction.  We 
can get a link from the Paine dish to the Cap Hill north sector, but not 
to the Cap Hill dish supposedly pointing back @ Paine.  This points the 
finger @ the Cap Hill dish as being misaligned.

4 more dishes still need to go up on Paine though and the cabling needs 
to be re-dressed.  We left a mess up there due to lack of time.  Really 
need a 2nd visit to Capitol Hill to finish those sectors and do the dish 
alignment now.

I could use a lot of mechanical help with fixing/replacing the engine in 
the HamWANVan.  Yes, I bought a van, a Ford E250, to be used as a 
network service vehicle for deployment, maintenance and special events.  
Sadly after 2 days of running around wonderfully, it died.  I'm on step 
11 of 61 for removing the engine.  Once it's mated to the engine stand, 
it's gotta be taken apart to see what's wrong.  There's an awful 
rattling that starts when the starter is done cranking it over and 
explosions take over.  So something is definitely broken inside.  
Hopefully it hasn't done much collateral damage bouncing around inside.


On 6/23/2013 8:57 PM, Kenny Richards wrote:
> So how did it go on Saturday?
> Bart - you didn't fall on your first official climb, right? ;-)
> On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 9:03 AM, Bart Kus <me at bartk.us 
> <mailto:me at bartk.us>> wrote:
>     I'm (predictably) behind.  Still packing.  Likely won't arrive
>     until 10:00AM.
>     --Bart

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