[HamWAN PSDR] Paine Field pre-deploy roll call

KL7WM at aol.com KL7WM at aol.com
Fri Jun 21 10:10:49 PDT 2013

That is great.  If I want a Certified Tower Climber  I will  certify 
MYSELF.   I have climbed and taught and hired and managed  climber for 40 years.  
Daniel Stevens, KL7WM
Self Certified Tower Climber
In a message dated 6/21/2013 9:33:34 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
me at bartk.us writes:


We are 48 hours from the Paine Field deploy.  If  you've been asked to 
assist with the deploy, can you confirm your  availability here?

Also, I passed the training course, so HamWAN will  now have access to a 
certified tower climber!  Me!   :)


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