[HamWAN PSDR] Baldi deploy final push

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Fri Aug 9 15:02:49 PDT 2013

To help everyone involved get a crisp picture of the finish line, here's 
the remaining work list for Baldi.  Study it, know it, improve it.

1) S1 rotated at the crossover plate to face north.
2) Remove Tacoma dish + radio.  Pop out rubber grommet and keep cable 
intact while re-routing to 2nd level.
3) S3 re-routed to Tacoma arm and set to face 240.  Pop out rubber 
grommet and keep cable intact while re-routing.
4) Former S3 arm removed (optional)
5) S2 rotated to face 120
6) Install railing-mast on L2 for new Tacoma dish.
7) Route cables for Tacoma radio on L2 and install dish.  Share hangers 
with existing L2 dish.
8) Finish the trunk cable hangers.
9) Finish ice bridge cable hangers.
10) Terminate remaining 2 CAT5 runs inside building.
11) Attach left ear onto PDU
12) Configure PDU (set network, label ports, make users, flash latest 
11) Install remaining 2 PoE injectors
12) Configure Baldi-r1 with SSTP tunnel to outside world.
13) Disable most air interfaces and configure frequency settings on 
modems as they're powered on.
14) Align Tacoma and Capitol Hill dishes.
15) Clean up + vacate


On 08/09/2013 12:47 PM, Bart Kus wrote:
> Hi all,
> Anyone interested in helping with Baldi's final push for completion?  
> We'll need to move a couple antennas around, re-route some cables and 
> configure the preliminary routing/software side of things.  If this 
> sounds like fun, please email me.  We'll be meeting @ the Enumclaw 
> McDonalds @ 9:45AM tomorrow.
> Hardhat, gloves, water + food encouraged.  Also, a big expensive 
> CAMERA with a few lenses.  We haven't done much photography up there.  
> It'd be good to get a high-res panorama, weather permitting.
> --Bart
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