[HamWAN PSDR] Who can come help do a 20mi microwave test tomorrow?

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Mon Apr 15 11:54:44 PDT 2013

Damn, just saw this now.  It got lost in my busy inbox.  The test 
sucked, BTW.  Gotta do it again sometime and fix tree issues.


On 04/12/2013 01:25 PM, Jeff Francis^(TM) wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 10:34 AM, Bart Kus <me at bartk.us 
> <mailto:me at bartk.us>> wrote:
>     All sites will need a visit during the experiment, since there's
>     equipment that needs to be loaded @ my Renton location.  Do you
>     (or anyone) have UHF yagis that can be used?  We've had some
>     control link problems and the added distance will only make it
>     worse.  The UHF radios you mention would help too.
>   Don't have much in the way of UHF yagis.  In fact, I have only one, 
> an Arrow (hand-held satellite yagi) that's good for 10W.  Maybe we'd 
> be better off with a repeater? Or HF?  Or (gasp) cell phones as a last 
> resort.
>     How much time do you have on Saturday?  I'd budget about 5
>     hours...  If you can drop by Renton prior to that so I can take
>     you through the training on how to work parts of the gear, that
>     would be helpful.
>   I can start around 11am and need to be back at the house by 6pm.  
> The killer is the Renton bit.  Google maps says 45 minutes each way 
> from here.  Realistically, it's an hour.  Multiply that by four (down 
> and back to pick up gear/training, then down and back to return gear) 
> is four hours all by itself.
>     Let me know what you can do time-wise,
>   I'm flexible within the 10-6 constraints.
>   I assembled my antenna yesterday, and scrounged up a nice steel 
> tripod with a mast to mount the whole thing on.  My metal had 
> up-to-date firmware as of a couple of weeks ago (I could update again 
> if necessary).  The big issue is that it's almost certainly not 
> configured properly.  I've set up the "inside" interface on my lab 
> LAN, but have done little else.  If it would save a trip (or two) to 
> Renton and back, I'd be happy to plug it back into my network and 
> forward a port on the outside to it so you could do whatever 
> configuration is required remotely. Or maybe there's more equipment 
> required than just the modems.

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