[HamWAN PSDR] Meeting notes for Apr 2nd 2013

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Tue Apr 2 20:39:04 PDT 2013

1) Bart: Follow up with RECS trustee: W7LRD.  Reach out to Ray Kusumi.
2) KG7COD (David) will do admin work on website, clean up JS/size 
issues, publish meeting info prominently, etc.  Will also look @ 
auto-publishing meeting info + calendar reminders.
3) No work at all on presentation materials.  Ben not available this 
week either.  KG7COD will pick up slack on presentation material 
4) I (Bart) have not done anything on the bylaws.  Worked on the 
microwave test tho.  Need to focus on bylaws.
5) Cory had no progress on IPsec(AH).  Will help with future microwave 
tests.  Scheduling re-test for sometime this week hopefully.
6) KB7ILD (David): Haystack Mtn being worked on.  East Tiger being 
worked on.  Beacon Tower being worked on.
7) Ben + Cory setting up a.ns.HamWAN.net and b.ns.HamWAN.net.  Once NSes 
are up with HamWAN.net and in-addr.arpa zones, I'll update GoDaddy glue, 
and then reach out to AMPR to delegate reverse.
8) Cory will contact Amazonian engineers to recruit for slavery in 
servitude of HamWAN.
9) David (KG7COD) will rope Ian into recruiting UW CS folks into helping 
the effort.


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