[PSDR] Does anyone have equipment to do work @ 6GHz?

Bart Kus me at bartk.us
Fri Sep 21 12:52:25 PDT 2012


Does anyone have any of the following types of equipment that can work 
at up to 6GHz?

1) Signal generator
2) RF power meter
3) Spectrum analyzer
4) Vector network analyzer

I might have some intermittent access to one piece of kit (Anritsu 
S412E), but would like a more permanent solution.  This would be used in 
support of analyzing antenna performance.  Sector antenna costs are 
pretty high ($180) and I'm thinking it wouldn't be as expensive to 
produce equivalently performing home-brew antennas.

On a related note, is anyone interested in home-brewing a 5GHz hpol 
sector antenna for this project?  The component engineering page for 
this part of the network is here:




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